Arthro Choc

A single tablet for 3 combined actions to repair your joints.

✓ Relieve Pain

✓ Regenerate

✓ Protect

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A single tablet for 3 combined actions.

A single tablet will trigger three actions to repair your joints. First to relieve the pain for your well-being. Secondly to start the regeneration process to avoid wear and the effects of ageing. Lastly, the active elements contained in Arthro’Choc will provide long term protection for your joints. Ageing and excess weight can cause joint pain. Common complications such as osteoarthritis, arthritis and gout can handicap you seriously on a daily basis: simply climbing a few stairs can be a nightmare. The upper body is not spared wither shoulders elbows and hands are also affected.

Taking Ibuprofen-based anti-inflammatories that don’t contain steroids can relieve pain but cannot be used over long periods of time. Furthermore, this type of treatment does not have healing properties for the anomaly that caused the joint pain. That’s without including the side effects of medication that cintains Ibuprofen, which is known for its harmful effects on the stomach and the liver, and is strongly suspected of being an endocrine disruptor. Arthro’Choc is not as quick acting but has no harmful effects as it is 100% natural.

You will start to see results in pain relief after 4 or 5 days, but they are real and are also accompanied by a curative effect: the pain is not simply masked, but fought and healed. The patient regains virtually all of the original flexibility in their joints and gains in mobility in almost every day to day actions.

The pain relieving action of Arthro’Choc is capital as it allows the patient to use the seized joint and begin the second action of Arthro’Choc. At the centre of the action of Arthro’Choc is the preservation and regeneration of the cartilaginous tissue.

The cartilage is a tissue that is capital in the joint, as is oil in an engine. Without the cartilage, the bones lock and prevent movement. Arthro’Choc contains micro-nutrients that are essential in the reconstruction of the connective tissue and the cartilage. Normally these micro-nutrients are already present in the organism, but with age their presence diminishes and the cartilage is dangerously damaged.

This is where stiffness begins.Once the pain has gone, once the problem has been healed, there is a step that must not be neglected, the long term care to avoid the problem from reoccurring.

This is where the Arthro’Choc’s capacity to protect the joints and cartilage comes in, as well as caring and maintaining the integrity of the bone structure. If the bones aren’t solid, then the joints aren’t solid. This is why Arthro’ Choc has added to its formula a synergetic combination of the main substances required for the correct operation of the main connective tissues.

The bones, ligaments and tendons are protected and the destruction of the cartilaginous matrix is neutralised during the Arthro’Choc treatment.

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